RAcoin: Cryptocurrency For The Traditional Gambling System

Gambling is beginning to gain enough attention and attract huge investors, owing to the current improvement in web-based betting and nonstop innovation progressions. This has brought about some economies legalizing it, despite its points of interest, for example, the creating and opening of job opportunities, there are still difficulties with the present gaming industry. The present gambling business is centralized, and disputes between participants and platform operators are on the rise. Likewise, the security of assets during game transactions is not guaranteed, and there is an absence of straightforwardness, protection, and privacy. Be that as it may, with the usage of blockchain innovation, the current issued looked with the betting business sector can be resolved. Blockchain gives a safe, open, and straightforward framework because of its unchanging and decentralized nature.
In the bid to provide a fair and secure gaming ecosystem, aims to leverage on blockchain to provide a platform that will fully meet all the needs of online and offline gambling. intends to make online gambling a unified payment gateway whereby currently existing platforms will be able to integrate to the cryptocurrency coupled with traditional payment means. 
In the offer to give a reasonable and secure gambling ecosystem community, intends to use on blockchain to give a platform that will completely address every issue of online and offline gambling. aim to make online based gambling a unified payment portal whereby currently existing platforms will be able to integrate to the cryptocurrency coupled with traditional payment means.
What is RA Entertainment
RA Entertainment Inc. is an innovative organization focused on extending blockchain and a creating advanced user experience in the recreation and entertainment sector. RA team focused on developing, delivering effective and affordable solutions both for online and offline levels of interaction. The goal of the company is to implement blockchain technology as well Artificial intelligent (AI) and other important innovations in the world.

Actualizing Bblokchain In Gambling
Internet gambling has been the best evolution of the gaming industry where participation is made effortlessly open to the gamers however there is still an absence of straightforwardness, security, and privacy protection.
With the presentation of blockchain innovation, security, fairness, and straightforwardness can be set up in the gambling business. With the utilization of blockchain innovation, has a tendency to take care of the issue of a solid interest for a local brought together the digital money that can completely address every one of the issues of the worldwide betting industry. By utilizing blockchain, It is generally hard to distort records as they are distributed across nodes in the peer-to-peer network. The concept of decentralization makes blockchain naturally resistant to modification of data and that's what makes blockchain a secure and transparent way to store records. 

Traditional Gambling (OFFLINE) Vs Blockchain Gambling (ONLINE)
With the disconnected betting, information preparing does not occur specifically on the site since it will leave the framework helpless from programmers. Each calculation and counts experience outsider servers that are private and out of reach to consistent clients. The conventional betting has such a significant number of blind spots which realizes questions to card sharks if recreations they play are created decently and impartially. This is a noteworthy motivation behind why web-based betting in view of blockchain will change the business yet in web-based betting, blockchain-fueled information handling of web wagering is fundamentally open and decentralized. With blockchain betting there is not any more back-end handling in the regular sense. The blockchain gives straight out a level of straightforwardness and security.

 Token And Token Sale Details
is a utility token built on Ethereum Smart Contracts and is the primary source of transacting on the RAcoin ecosystem. It features an ERC20 token standard and is used for online betting and gambling payments.
Token Ticker: RAC
Token Price: 1 ETH = 100,000 RAC
Token Type: ERC20
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Soft Cap: 2,000,000,000 RAC
Hard Cap: 8,000,000,000 RAC

Road Map

is going to make the blockchain technology an essential part of the traditional gambling industry and reach a maximum audience to distribute RAcoin as a properly featured gambling cryptocurrency in future.

Want to know more about the project, click the link below;
Website: https://racoin.io
Whitepaper: https://racoin.io/pdf/racoin_whitepaper_eng.pdf?ver=20180523
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RAcoinNews
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RAcoin-1348409231971565/
Telegram Group: https://t.me/racoinnews
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3177504.new#new
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