The emergence of cryptocurrency overwhelming across the globe. This has resulted in many investors considering holding cryptocurrency coin as assets instead of the traditional fiat currency. The blockchain technology is gradually taking over the world by storm and with the intention to revolutionize and bring a change to most traditional financial institutions.
Lending in cryptocurrency is sometimes referred to as an automatic and easy way to generate income in cryptocurrency and having plans not to sell but hold for future purpose in other to get more profits. Therefore; the future of digital currency and banking lies with the blockchain technology innovation, this is because it is decentralized, cheaper, secure, faster and the transactions carried out here is made public and easily accessible to everyone. Though cryptocurrency still solid regulations in the marketplace, this makes it difficult for prominent investors to fund in their fund and discourage them at times, but it does not stop determined entrepreneurs from obtaining tangible results from investing. A further research shows that most established lending platform not willing to accept the more volatile cryptocurrency assets as collateral, this a risk between the lenders and borrowers because of the mismanagement involved in transactions and trust.
Most cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and even coin tokens were created as means of payment for goods and services. However, because of their rapid increase in value, miners and investors are more interested in holding them as an asset since they would lose their investment position if they use them to make day-to-day purchases. Thus, this situation has rendered these currencies less effective as instruments of payment. Since this challenges stated above occur, there is for a platform to provide to the problems enlisted above and MoneyToken is here to provide that solution.

is a Platform focus on providing solutions in resolving and managing client's risk by creating a suitable lending model quite different from the services by the traditional sector deploying cryptocurrencies as assets for security deposits.
This is a medium which uses the blockchain technology in granting credits to holders or owners of the cryptocurrency using it as the collateral. This medium provides a means of getting loans to be paid back in dollars as long as the individual a tangible digital asset. The platform renders this unique service to its customers irrespective of the in the value of cryptocurrency.

The summary of steps involved are as follows:
• Choose credit terms
• Deposit collateral
• Get confirmation
• Get credit funds

MoneyToken Unique Features.
  • Loan ranges from $500 to $1,000,000 and more.
  • The absence of scoring or credit checks, since loans are backed by a collateral in 1:2 ratio.
  • Smart Loan approval takes seconds and funds can be released almost instantly.
  • Credit can also be given in
  • Global which means anyone can have access to anywhere.
  • Has it's own stable coin and decentralized exchange.
  • No extra costs or hidden services charges and discount on platform services.
  • The model upholds transparency of collateral evaluation and fluctuation of asset value over time and also transparency of operation during transfer and retention of security deposit.

The Token Details
Token Name: MoneyToken
Token Ticker: IMT
Token Standard: Ethereum (ERC 20) Compatible
Token Total Supply: 20.044 billion
Token Sale Price: $0.005
Retail Sale Price: $0.05

For More Information about the team and project in general, kindly visit any of the links below:
Bitcointalk Username: bl3zzy
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1328702

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