A lot of things and life realities have been modified into games, more like saying that playing games today is though addictive but it is not a complete waste of time. Take, for instance, games like Score Hero, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Vegas crime city, the list is endless. When you play such games, you need to crack your brains to be able to complete a task, at the end of the day, the gamer is more enlightened and exposed in areas he or she knows little or nothing about.
Now, these games don't just create themselves people are behind its idea and creation. It takes a lot of hard work and financial commitment to be able to succeed in creating a game and have people play them. A lot of people have the idea but not the financial commitment required to pull it through, they end up leaving their dreams of becoming game owners because they don't have the financial capability and no willing sponsor to help them achieve their dream.

By using smart contracts, user traffic is recorded on the blockchain and it is audit-able by all users. EON also designs referral systems for gamers, influencers, and did developers to exchange traffic using the EON token. On the EON platform, anyone can create or configure their referral smart contracts and get rewards for referrals.
100% is received by game developers on their revenue at a 0(zero) distribution fee. They couldn't have asked for more.
The EON is a foundation was established to generate support and promote the EON platform. The EON is a decentralized digital game distribution platform where gamers can discover, share and play games, and also get the chance of socializing with other gamers on their social network platform. Powered by a blockchain technology, it is efficient, trustworthy, and it is globally accessible, a summation of the three features of the blockchain.

The core feature of the EON platform is the EON token, which is developed to give incentive and reward to those individual game players who through their activities grow the EON platform. On the EON platform, there is no limit to the number of currencies supported, and with the help of blockchain, payment for the transaction on the EON platform is extremely efficient thus implying that developers can distribute games to almost any country of the world. That sounds like good news...
To make the EON platform more interesting is the fact that game developers receive 100% payment of their revenue with a zero distribution fee.
The objective of inventing the EON platform is the need to create a thrilling and fun-filled game that will ensure more fun and give value to gamers, this is achievable through their efficient, trustworthy and accessible systems of operations.
  • increasing market costs
  • making payments
  • due to lack of transparency on the part of ads network owners, developers can't can't calculate conversion rate and the ROI of the networks.
  • giving incentive by discovering and promoting games easily.
  • creating a means of payment that is globally accessible and efficient
  • EON SDK: with the EON SDK, developers can easily configure the rewarding system based on their user acquisition needs, and make their games support cryptocurrency payments.
  • EON TOKEN: this is the core currency on the EON platform. To support and facilitate the EON platform, the EON token was created.
In general, the EON platform has been able to bring to a close, the challenges faced by game developers in trying to develop and create a market for its games. Through their blockchain ecosystem platform, EON has been able to bring game developers to dream alive even when they have no big pocket support backing them.
Helping game developers achieve their dreams of creating games, that is what EON stands for.

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