The gaming industry is the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world. As of today, the gaming industry is larger than the music and movie industry. As at 2017, the value of revenue accrued through gaming was over $166 billion a value expected to rise to 180.1 billion dollars in 2021. This industrial growth is as a result of the continuous innovation in the gaming industry. Also, the development of smartphone and its affordability has increased the number of gamers across the world. Hardly can you find a smartphone without one or two games on it. However, despite this growth, there are several problems inherent in the current gaming ecosystem. Developers are dissatisfied with the way the system is structured. They have difficulty making their product available to consumers(gamers) in other parts of the world. This is large because of the cost of marketing to consumers. It also includes the cost of integrating local sales prices on the gaming platform.
The EOT was designed to effectively address the problems experienced in the existing centralized model. Apart from the ease of reaching gamers across the world, Its transparent and convenient system also offers developers a better remuneration for their hard work; n advantage usually enjoyed by large corporations.
The EOT ecosystem allows for social interaction among gamers. They can post a review on a game, share photos and scores on previous games played on the EOT. To encourage a faster growth of the ecosystem, existing gamers are rewarded with tokens for all referrals made. More so, game developers also have the autonomy to design their referral smart contract to reward gamers for introducing their game to other gamers on the EOT ecosystem. In this ecosystem, all users have the opportunity to upload new games provided they can prove ownership. Moreover, through the developer system, developers can view the statistics of the performance of their games and also set rewards for all gaming activities carried out by gamers on their uploaded games. Currently, the EOT is designed to only support indie and blockchain game. In the long run, smartphone and personal computer PC games will be on-boarded
To reach a global audience the EOT platform runs on etherum block-chain. This is Large because of its global infrastructure
The main currency on the platform is the EOT. With it, gamers can buy and play new games on the EOT platform. More so, gamers can sell tokens they have acquired on exchanges. Although to increase its members (gamers and developers) the EOT platform supports virtually all cryptocurrencies. Only 2.1 billion tokens will be created out of which 30% will be available for public sale. In the first four years after launch, the firm will release 15 % tokens monthly into the EOT ecosystem
Token Ticker: EON
Token Type: ERC-20
Total Token Supply: 2,100,000,000 (2.1 Billion Tokens)
Total available for sale: 630,000,000 (630 Million Tokens)
Token sale cap: 15,000,000 USD
Token Sale Price: 1 EON = 0.0280 USD
Whitelist: Yes
Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
The EOT is managed by a 6-man team lead by Aron Lyu, a former product team leads at Bytdance USA. The all have previous experience managing cryptoAlpaca
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