TEDCHAIN: Mobile games allows players to mine crypto currency and spend it outside of the game

A video game is an electronic game. İt can be played on a computing device, such as a personal computer, gaming console or mobile phone. Depending on the platform game played, video games can be subcategorized into computer games and console games. Lately however, the emergence of social networks, smartphones and tablets introduced new categories such as mobile and social games. Since the first games emerged in the 1970s, video games have come a long way. Today’s video games offer photorealistic graphics and simulate reality to a degree which is astonishing in many cases.
Game market is a phenomenon of rapidly growth as it isn’t affected by natural disasters or economic crises. It’s especially seen in the mobile entertainment sector. 2015 is an example in the history of the games market with revenues exceeding the $100 billion mark to total $109 billion. Only five years ago global revenues amounted to estimated $70 billion.
A growth of 56% in five years shows us how game companies have not only pioneered new ways of engaging and entertaining users, but have also led the way in innovating business models to suit the digital age. The future Outlook for games has never been better but requires a new way of vision of the market. Most games now provide users with entertainment at three different levels: playing games, viewing and creating games. Game companies are quickly evolving into allround entertainment companies, pushing engagement time up sharply and securing gaming’s position as the world’s favorite pastime.
Now an entire industry is about getting as much profit from gamers as possible. Tops of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play are divided between large publishers that get 95% of income and re-invest it in brand new projects and PR-campaigns. This financial cycle doesn’t allow fresh projects to be shown to wider audience. An emerging gaming product has only chance to become successful and famous - to get investments or help of big publisher curtailing authors’ liberties in the same time.
Over 2 billion user worldwide use their smartphone to play games. And every year new, technically better models come into the market. If you look at the applications (apps) that make the most sales on smartphones, you can’t be surprised: It’s games. Besides smartphones, people are also playing on computers, laptops, tablets and video game consoles.
The average 1 smartphone has more than 26 downloaded app and at least 1-2 games. According to eMarketer28, the average adult in USA spends 23 minutes a day playing mobile games. Most of the mobile applications are free to download. But all of them are developed using real money and require monetization to support the business. The main monetization models are subscription, advertising, and for gaming solutions also the sale of domestic goods (In-App Purchases), and recently, tournaments. According to eMarketer, just the advertising market will be accountable for $200 billion spent by 2019.
TEDCHAIN considers a gaming market promising, being able to generate large revenues
to the companies that go one step ahead of rivals. Besides having well established niches like iOS, Android, PC, and consoles, based on Blockchain technology TEDCHAİN will go beyond themseselves and create a cyber-sport environment and our very own shops of ingame items.
TEDCHAIN is planning to enter regional markets in the following succession:
  1. Asia
  2. America
  3. Europe
Target audience: 65% males, 12-35 years olds. Their interests: online/offline games.
Total revenue of game application in 2017 was $42.5 billion. All listed games are free to play, which means that the profitability of these games does not rely on the number of downloads but rather on the amount of micro-transactions happening within the game. The Free to Play model has several advantages compared to the classic Pay to Play systems. Tedchain implements these technologies and combines them with the security of Blockchain, creating a compelling gaming experience optimized for the gaming market today.
Tedchain is a decentralized gaming platform that enables users to conveniently mint, use, and sell interoperable crypto-items on the blockchain. By shifting the parts of the marketplace that are complex and expensive to build to the gamer ecosystem and by decentralizing those parts on the blockchain, the market will grow even faster than it has already, and everyone will be able to benefit from that growth. TEDCHAİN recognized an even greater potential to grow the market by decentralizing it and giving the power of the marketplace to millions of video game entrepreneurs and influencers who have social graphs, traffic, content, and existing followers. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem built around the blockchain’s item-first economy. TEDCAİN’s crypto-items are interoperable, meaning they can be used and sold across multiple games and users.
TedLab will improve scalability and privacy in blockchain using Gamechain technology. Gamechain platform includes a blockchain-based development workflow, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content-providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitating a complete ecosystem. Gamechain offers a rich set of features including extensive configurability, rapid deployment, permissions management, native assets and data streams. Although it is designed to enable private blockchain, Gamechainprovides maximal compatibility with the bitcoin ecosystem, including the P2P protocol, transaction/block formats and Bitcoin Core APIs/runtime parameters.
Tedcoin is a private, secure, untraceable currency. In the Gaming Ecosystem, you are your bank, you control your funds, and nobody can trace your transfers. Privacy: Tedcoin uses a cryptographically sound system to allow you to send and receive funds without your transactions being easily revealed on the blockchain (the ledger of transactions that everyone has). This ensures that your purchases, receipts, and all transfers remain absolutely private by default. Security: Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction on the network is cryptographically secured. Individual wallets have a 24 word mnemonic that is only displayed once, and can be written down to backup the wallet. Wallet files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they are useless if stolen.
Untraceability: By taking advantage of ring signatures, a special property of certain types of cryptography, Tedcoin is able to ensure that transactions are not only untraceable, but have an optional measure of ambiguity that ensures that transactions cannot easily be tied back to an individual user or computer.
In order to achieve this goal Tedchain will create a gaming ecosystem with the TED token used as a means of payment to trade game products, grow the liquidity pool in the network and scale transactions. Funds raised as part of the ICO will be used primarily to acquire new players, develop a state of the art matching engine and expand the range of game products. Only TED holders will be able to trade on the Tedchain Gaming Ecosystem. Total of 1 billion TED tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as a standard ERC-20 token. The TED is the in-project utility token which is used by main actors like a payment instrument:
- Gamers can buy TED coins to use them in any game published
- 3rd Devs can pay for additional marketing opportunities for their games
- Developers and Publishers can reward gamers.
USING OF TOKENS TED is one of the in-game currencies of Tedchain. The TED is an universal payment instrument in the Tedchain Gaming Ecosystem. TED tokens can be
exchanged into TED coins and vise versa. TED coins are the in-game currency
you can use in all games published through our games portal. Every TED token is either stored in user’s Ethereum wallet, or is in the game and therefore is mapped to one of player’s accounts.
The following will be available only for payments in TED:
- Purchase Items,
- Player-to-player trades inside the game A player will have three ways to purchase TED:
- On a crypto currency exchange, for another coin (BTC or ETH).
- On the game site, for fiat currency.
- Inside the game, using Google Play or App Store payment mechanism.
Tedchain is an distributed ledger technology. It is suited for organizations wishing to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way.
Tedchain runs on a dedicated peer-to-peer network, game-optimized blockchain. The global Ted P2P mesh network is the foundation that all aspects of the Ted ecosystem are built upon.
Building on the P2P model, the Tedchain is optimized for gaming, and has been designed with powerful smart contract-based features to allow game publishers and server operators to provide gamers with the highest possible quality aming experience.
TedLab has developed a novel consensus protocol, based on the best of existing Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority protocols. Tedchain uses PoS based consensus system that is designed to reward longterm participants within the Tedchain ecosystem.
Tedchain provides the ability to securely communicate between devices running the Tedcoin wallet. Secure communication between users can occur between single users or between groups. Tedchain provides a platform for users to create channels that broadcast signals and data into Tedchain. It allows for small amounts of immutable data to be added to the blockchain.
Game developers can tokenize practically any in-game asset, from inventory items to achievements, cross-game exclusives, and tournament awards. Players can exchange tokenized assets in-game, across games, or for tradable asset such as the platform's own Tedchain, providing real world value which can be supported on any external exchange. Game publishers can sell their own tokenized assets on the Ted Marketplace directly to gamers, or even create their own fundraising crowdsales by creating a platform token directly on the Tedchain. Smart contracts can be created for events, tournaments, in-game statistical reporting, auctions, or for practically any other use case.
ICO Summary
Token Name and Symbol Tedchain (TED)
KYC/AML Request for Private Sale & Public Sale
Methods of payment Payments in fiat and 70+ coins
Softcap & Hardcap 5,000 - 37,500 ETH
Volume 1,000,000,000 TED
Total Allocation 700,000,000 TED
Token Privileges In-platform utility token
Token Emission August 10th
Public ICO Will start from July 01st to July 30th
Hardcap 15,000 ETH
Token Sale Week 01: 1 ETH = 20,000 TED
Week 02: 1 ETH = 19,000 TED
Week 03: 1 ETH = 18,000 TED
Week 04: 1 ETH = 17,000 TED
*** Bonus 5% if invest 2 ETH and 10% for 4 ETH
Min/Max Contributions 0.1 – 4 ETH
Token Distribution
Token Sale 70%
Bounties 05%
Management & Team 15%
Reserve 10%
Usage of Proceeds
Ecosphere development & launch 20%
Games development 30%
Team and founders 08%
Promotion & Marketing 23%
Advisors and partners 15%
External Legal Services 04%
Co-founder & Project Leader
He worked at Amazon Game, Panasonic, Ubisoft. He worked for over 10+ years in the games industry and 4 years of experience of collaboration with B2C online communities. He has been working in Blockchain Development as specialist and manager of department. He is an expert on mobile games, and has very solid experience in the crypto currency.
Co-founder & Marketing Manager
He worked at Amazon and Bank of America. He has spent the last 7 years in video games, tech marketing and brand management. An technology enthusiast, he is experienced in project management, designing of various software products and has successfully managed several global development teams.
Co-founder & Business Analyst
Compiler and toolchain expert, entrepreneur, former Intel senior staff engineer. Has nearly 5 years of experience in compiler development of operating system platform. He also bring a deep understanding of finance and in-game marketplaces gleaned from years of playing MMOs. He is a lifelong gamer, a crypto currency enthusiast.
CTO & Blockchain Developer
Former Google Engineer, Blockchain System Architect, Blockchain R&D, compiler and toolchain expert. He has nearly 5 years of experience in compiler development of operating system platform and 7 years of experience in game development and 6 years of programming experience. He is responsible for developing the Tedchain, Ecosystem, Gamechain and Tedstake.
Game Programmer & Level Designer
He’s a hardworking and dedicated game developing enthusiast. Besides working as a game programmer and level designer, he enjoys creating art assets, being a very imaginative person and always feeling like sharing his ideas. Technically, he’s a skilled C# and Unity 3D programmer. Artistically, he’s a proficient 3D Studio Max and Maya modeler and a Mudbox painter.
Gameplay Developer
He's a passionate gameplay programmer and strong new addition to the Tractor Set GO! team. Deeply interested in learning about the inner workings of the virtual world of video games and in using that knowledge to develop believable and intricate game worlds. His Professional skillset includes knowledge of: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, OpenGL. He worked on several personal games and a therapeutic research project at an University in Ohio.
For more information:
Author: xratedx
ProfilLink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2257524


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