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Dear readers of my article! I am glad to welcome you again to my blog! Today, we will continue to talk about promising projects, the ICO of which is underway or is only planned to be launched. We will talk about one of such interesting projects, the ICO of which is ongoing at the moment, and the project fees are very good. We will talk about a project like Swiss Alps Mining.
As usual, I would like to start my review with the introduction to the idea of the Swiss Alps Mining project, talking about what this project is and what idea it offers to its potential investors.
Swiss Alps Mining. SAM is a project that connects the world of blockchain technology to the Swiss mountains. SAM offers environmentally friendly mining in unused areas in the Swiss Alps, reducing energy consumption by up to 50% thanks to natural climatic conditions and the ORC energy recovery system.
The idea of the project looks very interesting and promising because currently the world of cryptocurrency mining is faced with such problems as energy consumption and the cost of this energy consumption. Such a project as Swiss Alps Mining is ready to solve this problem by providing the most favourable conditions for mining cryptocurrency.
The development of this project is the Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) company, which is the current holder of the business in the Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. Team members come from areas such as blockchain technology, developers and cryptocurrency application and hyperlink applications, as well as civil engineers, infrastructure engineers, and energy experts. The team has successfully developed and launched several products, solutions and applications based on blockchain technology. But we will talk about the team and other components of the project a little later.
ICO Swiss Alps Mining. This information is most important for most investors. At the moment, the stage of Public Sale Tier 1, which offers investors to get a very nice and impressive bonus of 37.5% discount on SAM tokens, is underway. I find this a very attractive offer that you definitely need to take advantage of. The offer with such a discount is the most profitable and for early investors, as a result, will bring a very good total profit.
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The total sales results for the moment are the following: total fees amount to 16,056,960 SAM pledged of 239,682,538 SAM goal, which, in terms of the currency we are accustomed to, is about $ 5'736'815. This result can be considered very good because at the moment there are still only the most initial stages of the sale, but at the same time, the fees are already slightly less than $ 6 million.
In order to invest in the Swiss Alps Mining project, you must click on the “Buy Tokens” button, as a result of which you will open an authorization form. If you have not yet registered on the site, you will need to go through it in order to get access to your personal account, in which all the necessary tools are available for investing in the Swiss Alps Mining project.
To purchase SAM tokens, you can use such means of payment as BTC, ETH, payment by credit card, as well as payment via bank transfer. These are very convenient means of payment, for which the Swiss Alps Mining project can be a huge plus. After entering the required number of coins, automatic conversion occurs for all means of payment. Tokens come to the ETH wallet, so it must be specified.
Profitability calculator. A very convenient opportunity for its potential investors is the Swiss Alps Mining project. The website has a profitability calculator that is configured to calculate the maximum objective profit from the amount of your investment for 36 months. Also, the calculator separately adjusts to all basic cryptocurrencies. In the example, with an investment in a Swiss Alps Mining project of an amount equal to $ 825'000, the final return in 3 years will be approximately $ 3'003'825. Agree, a very good indicator!
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Total. Summing up, I would like to say that I really liked the idea of the Swiss Alps Mining project. Mining in the Alps is the best option for cryptocurrency mining. As a result, thanks to this combination, you get maximum performance with minimum energy consumption. This is exactly what the modern mining world needs now. My attitude to the project is very positive, my rating is 4.8 / 5.0.
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