ARROUND is a free multi-user software that will allow smartphone owners in the real world to interact with augmented reality and communicate with each other.
The main cryptocurrency of the project is a token, released thanks to the Ethereum blockchain technology. The project team plans to withdraw a token on cryptocurrency exchanges. People can use this cryptocurrency during the acquisition of digital products and services provided by the ARROUND ecosystem.
The use of the blockchain will give the same conditions and guarantees full protection:
Property to each owner of a digital asset project arround.
Copyright for each developer, and for each artist, regardless of where they live on the planet.
How does the project ARROUND
A round is considered to be special decorated content that is displayed due to the project application. In augmented reality, this content is displayed at the expense of attached real-time objects.
The round includes the following types of content:
Text, image, video, 3D element.
Link, on which a special page is opened before the user.
The link that allows inside the application to view the remaining rounds 
and pages of all users.

There are various rounds, and they have differences among themselves.

Round of users
The composition of this round includes a variety of content. It is created thanks to the users and the mobile interface. The round is equipped with a limited size, which is limited by the selection of visual design. In the future, it is planned to purchase other styles of the round for a minimum amount.

Thanks to this round:
Users will be able to comment on other content.
Publish a link to a project round in other social networks.
Share the round with other users on their own page of social networks.
This round can be tied to a special object that is directly related to the image or geolocation. It is also possible to bind only to a specific object located very close to the device.

Advertising round
This round comes in various types. All of these types differ in the type of content and appearance.
By type of content all rounds are:
Flat round banners that contain small videos.
Flat round banners where you can find a description. As a rule,
these rounds include text and a picture.
Rounds with 3D animations.
Short game activation.

The size of the round, its type, number and condition of occurrence will depend on the tariff plan. For a round that is tied to geolocation indicators, the location is located in a separate category of the administrative panel.

The benefits of the project for customers
For ordinary users
The project ARROUND is a platform that has no similar analogues. The infrastructure of this platform, working through the blockchain, helps to develop and implement services, advertising, information, products.

The project team wants to attract users to join the system. Therefore:
Active users will be able with the help of viral marketing to present the 
positive qualities of the project.
Users will receive an unforgettable experience from AR-content.
Users will be able to communicate using augmented reality.

For each developer and advertiser
The project for each developer and advertiser is a unique affiliate system in the field of AR. In addition, the project is considered the newest channel with unique indicators and an opportunity to place mobile advertising.

Today, the AR market has almost no integrated solutions that provide high-quality localized AR-content to users. The project team plans to deploy and conduct tests of its own platform. Further, the project is planned to expand in the territory of European countries and the United States.
Users or advertisers will be filling the project with contacts, plus robots that will transfer popular content with geo-tags from disclosed sources. Also, the project will produce specialized projects, thanks to which users will be attracted.
The value of the project lies in the fact that, thanks to it, any advertiser will be able to show AR
content to users. Advertisers themselves will not use the fixed system for demonstration. Such advertising will become the image and viral, aimed at promoting specific
products. As a result, such advertising can go ahead of mobile advertising, thereby attracting many viewers.

Additional information about the project:
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