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DACC’s IAM based platform will put data permissions and access management back into the hands of right participants in the digital media industry. DACC’s public chain will feature IAM at the infrastructure level,utilize IAM with data storage, and embed IAM into block creation. By treating the access to content, user, network data as a transaction, DACC’s platform allows for greater user sovereignty and control over their own creative content and their public social profile, reputation, and network data. When users control access to their data, users can determine how their data is monetized.
As long as centralized companies and data platforms exist there will continue to be data breaches. DACC solves this issue by integrating IAM elements throughout its decentralized infrastructure. Within each transaction, within each block, and within the file and storage system, DACC uses IAM to protect data and allow for data access control at a granular level. Users directly control who has permission to access their personal data, network data or content IP. Data access permissions are treated as transactions in DACC and immutably stored on DACC’s public chain. Data access is also treated as a transaction that is also immutably stored on DACC’s public chain so that any access by any user can always be traced and verified. 
DACC will utilize machine learning methods in data processing and community governance committee to identify IP, user data and network data. Whether any uploaded content data is determined as genuinely original will depend if the uploaded content is the only copy and if there is any dispute involving the content. DAPPs on DACC come with templates that allow for systems with special DACC nodes and arbitrators to verify and determine if copyright abuse has occured.

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