ChaoEX is a currency exchange based in Hong Kong and focuses on South East Asian markets. It is unregulated and provides transactional services through website-trading platform. ChaoEX offers the world's best-in-the-book command-aids that allow for easy exchange with minimal slippage. ChaoEX Trade is a cryptographic, confidential trade produced by professionals with the ultimate goal of giving traders the best exchange of knowledge, with over 100 people on standard PCs like now. exchange on stage, for example, JOB, Lt. Colonel, PENN, NEO, ETH so some more.

 Today's Uses: As we can see in the figure above, the commercial CHAOEX has a lot of plans for knowledge exchange graceful and favorable for the Trader. The CHAOEX stage will have a stage-based exchange program, Theatrical Applications, Stage Applications, COMPUTER calculations (Window and Standard) exchange stages.

 Exchange Fee: CHAOEX commercial charges accrual charges vary depending on the customer's privacy. This means that if a customer is on stage and finishes a quick dry check 3. He / she gets a charge exchange of 0.05%. Accusations of exchange are followed by fast drying leve1-exchange of 0.1% cost, quick dry grade 2-exchange fee of 0.075%.

 Multilingual: Support The commercial CHAOEX will consolidate both he and Hong Kong dialects. The default dialect of the stage will be English.

 Exchange Pairs: The CHAOEX trade has kind of swapped so large that the number of customers may be able to exchange their loved ones the most advanced resources on the CHOEX commercial stage. It will strengthen the exchange of sets, such as JOB, ETH, LOVE, NEO, Lt. Col., CHEX, USDT so, so many others.
Cao Thanh Securities: CHAOEX guarantees its clients with high liquidity and stable exchange volume.

 High Security: CHOEX Commercial offers first-time customers with security assessments, and another to churn 2FA Google Authentication, Mobile Phone Verification Email Verification, and a Secret Transaction, Use for withdrawals, stores and exchanges. The high safety efforts will be realized by CHOEX with the ultimate goal to protect all the advantages and money of the brokerage firm on the commercial CHAOEX.

 Sketch Style: CHOEX commercial stages provide different schematics for styles that the agent can browse. For example, ; Candle sticks, Candle bar H, OHLC and more, an ability to regulate signage parameters.
 Hint: The commercial CHAOEX must also have different signs, for example, STREET, Bollinger Band, StochasticRSI, THIN, so many others.

 CHEX Token can be used as a technique for exchange, and furthermore to pay trade charges. CHEO Token can be used as a vehicle for trade, and for exchange exchange costs, exchanging expense, withdrawal expense, posting charges on CHAOEX trade. Paying exchanges with CHEX will be less expensive than paying with other advanced resources lets say BTC. Client's who CHEX will be allowed to have a piece of casting a ballot framework and pick up the tokens to be recorded and delisted on the CHAOEX trade.
Symbol Code: CHEX
Type: Useful
Stage: Ethereum (ERC-20)
More Offers: 500,000,000 CHEX
Supply: CHF 420,000,000
Fasteners: 80,000,000 CHEX
Contract Address: 0xfbc3c8aad80b5934d134e2cce065702ff254ad7d
Decimal: 18
Chaoex is a centralized exchange where traders can trade badly between tight security, it's an exchange with easy to use it to operate on the zero-listing of any penny. It is an exchange that I would highly recommend to traders!

For more information about CHAOEX, kindly visit the links below.
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