DACC: GOOD NEWS! Trading Bounty Tomorrow!

GOOD NEWS! Trading Bounty Tomorrow!
DACC could be traded on exchange ABCC!
Share 300,000 DACC to the ones who trade DACC on exchange ABCC, then show your screenshots here in the community!

Only Tomorrow! From 14:00 to 18:00 (UTC+8) on Dec. 7 Fri.

DACC Newly Listed on Exchange ABCC!!

16,000,000DACC and More Giveaway!

DACC is now listed at ABCC Exchange. You can trade DACC/ETH pair from 3pm, 5 Dec (UTC+8)

Campaign 1 - Deposit Bonus ⏱⏱5 - 14 Dec
Deposit >70,000DACC for 2% total deposit as a rebate
Join ABCC now: abcc.com/utm_source=daccx

Campaign 2 - Trading Competition ⏱⏱7th - 14th Dec.
a.Elite Awards - total 7 Million DACC

b.Merit Awards
- total 3 Million DACC

c.Lucky Draw
- 1ETH

Trade here: https://abcc.com/markets/dacceth

Who is ABCC Exchange

Based in Singapore🇸🇬, ABCC aims to provide the seamless trading experience. CEO Calvin is the former appointed member of Singapore Parliament and a serial entrepreneur. ABCC has one of the best mobile APP experience. You can also predict Bitcoin price via Daily Options product.





Brand New DACC Bounty Activity for every day from Monday to Friday!DACC Quiz Competition :arrow_right: 3:00pm UCT+8 DACC


Hello and Welcome to all DACC BelieversDACC is listed on the following exchanges:
DCE - Check here 
Ddex - Check here 
Hibtc - Check here 
Kucoin - Check here 
Coinex - Check here 
Exrates - Check here
Coinred - Check here 
BitForex - Check here 
Becent - click here  
BQEX - Click here 
Coinbay- Click here 
Bi.top - Click here 
Biup - Click here
ABCC - Click here

Congrats and so appreciate for all DACC holders and community members who are supporting us throughout this time.
For latest updates from DACC Team, read our weekly report
DACC Weekly Report 12th Nov – 16th NovWhat is DACC?
DACC is the world's first decentralized IAM content chain.​ DACC will revolutionize the digital content industry and will fundamentally solve the issues of data ownership and access control through the combination of blockchain infrastructure and IAM technology.​
Key Features:Distributed File System featured by IAM
DACC Public Chain
DACC Development Tools
Benefits:Content creators, curators, and consumers will all be properly and fairly incentivated to build a community that places content creators at the center stage.

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