DACC x Vinci Smart Headphones Audio Content DAPP

DACC partner with Vinci Smart Headphones to develop the first DAPP on DACC - a decentralized audio content platform.Proof of RecommendationsDAPP token economy consensus algorithm built using DACC developer tools.Get Paid To Create & CurateCreators earn rewards for positive ratings on high quality content. Consumers earn rewards for providing ratings and reviews.Copyright ProtectionsAll content ownership information time-stamped immutably into the DACC blockchain.

Dont forget you can also get DACC token from any of the following exchanges
DCE – Check here
Ddex – Check here
Hibtc – Check here
Kucoin – Check here
Coinex – Check here
ExratesCheck here
Coinred – Check here
BitForex – Check here
Becentclick here
BQEXClick here
CoinbayClick here
Bi.topClick here
BiupClick here
ABCCClick here

CoinMarketCap URL: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dacc/

For More Information, Kindly Visit any of the links below:

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