How DACC works

When it comes to distributing content, and contributing to the network, DACC is reasonably straightforward. Content creators upload their work, configure settings for pricing; and then users can then access this content.
Creators must place deposit for each piece of content uploaded to the platform. After sales and reviews reach a threshold of 80% and no complaints of plagiarism have been made within one month from the date of publication, then the deposit will be returned to the user.
Creators have complete discretion over how they price and distribute their content. Pricing options can set as one time payment, subscriptions, or even free. Tools and guidelines are offered by DACC for those unsure of the most effective pricing scheme for their content.
Incentives are rewarded to those who contribute to the platform, not only for the creation of content, but also for curating, and/or receiving ratings and reviews from the community. This encourages the curation of high-quality content amongst users, and offers a more rewarding structure upon which creators receive revenues. In addition, the rate of deposit required to distribute content may be reduce in the future when a user consistently provides high-quality content on a regular basis.

If complaints regarding copyright are filed, an arbitration commission will be set up to rectify the matter. Should content be in violation of copyright laws creators will face penalties that include having deposits confiscated, and restrictions placed on further use of the platform. Consumers who have purchased any content that has been flagged as illegal, they will be eligible to submit a request for a refund.
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