Multi-address Management

With UP, you can import multiple Ethereum wallet addresses through the use of mnemonics, keystores, private keys, and more.
Switch between multiple addresses effortlessly.

Complete ERC20 Token Support

UP has customized and integrated more than two hundred ERC20 token icons to facilitate the management of mainstream ERC20 tokens.

Built-in Decentralized Exchange

UP's very own built-in decentralized exchange operates under the Loopring protocol, allowing you to place orders without immobilizing your assets. Placing orders no longer require the order amount to be held at the exchange, removing restriction on your assets. As soon as a trade is complete, your acquired tokens will be transferred directly to your desired address.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

Why should a trade between two individuals require third-party arbitration? The Loopring protocol supports direct exchange between two wallets by means of QR code sharing. With UP, peer-to-peer trades are settled instantly, without risk of foul play. Wallets QR codes can be shared in-person for direct exchange, or amongst a group remotely to transact with multiple individuals.

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