UP Wallet is a partner and project in the DACC (Decentralized Accessible Content Chain) ecosystem. UP Wallet currently have their own $UWTC tokens as well as apps.
UP Wallet token: UP WALLET COIN $UWTC Token is listed and trading on Cashierest and Abcc exchanges.
Token Tracker: https://etherscan.io/token/0x282cb0a611280ff5887ca122911a0ca6b841cb03
UP Wallet App: UP Wallet have an Android app as well as an iOS app. The Android app is available at Google Play Store and also as APK.
The UP Wallet app is for ETH wallets and supports ERC20 tokens. ETH wallets can be created or imported as per our requirement. The created wallet allows us to save our private keys and mnemonic phrases that makes the wallet exportable and importable. It also supports multiple wallets and ease of switching between wallets. There's also a DEX and P2P inbuilt in-app powered by Loopring. An option to "Convert to WETH" is also available in app that is illustrated in the attached GIF image. There's a unique referral system available, that offers us a generous 20% of trading fee.
UP Wallet app can easily be downloaded from https://upwallet.io
DACC Decentralized Accessible Content Chain

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