Will UP backup my private keys on their server?

No, UP is strictly a decentralized wallet. Our principle is that the user's private keys should remain only in the wallet, with no exposure to the network, including the backend servers. Users are solely responsible for the backup of their private keys!

What is the difference between UP wallet and Loopring's official Loopr wallet?

While the first release of the UP wallet is based on Loopring's open-source Loopr wallet, users can expect to see many unique new features in the subsequent versions.

How does the “Referral Program” work?

Recommend UP to your friends through our internal referral function and receive 20% of the transaction fees they generate as a reward. Whenever your friends place orders using their new wallets, your share of the fees will be transferred via the Loopring protocol directly to an address held within your wallet. The more friends you refer to UP, the more you earn.

If I am experiencing difficulties with the wallet, how can I contact the UP team?

You can send an email to wallet@upblockchain.io. Regarding related issues, you may also reach out to our strategic partner, the Loopring Foundation.

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